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    April 15th –  Advertiser’s Secrets to Compelling Change Videos by Danielle Wallace

    May 14th – SUMMER SOCIAL AND "The Champions of Courage” .....

                       Navigating risk, uncertainty & emotional exposure is the only way to do Business (Todd Attridge)

    June 18th – WEBINAR - What is Social Learning and Why does it matter in OD? (Phil LeNir)

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      "TODN did it again with a great speaker serving content rich insight on a plate of warm motivation!" Seymour Hersh

      "Sarah is a very positive, engaging and inspiring speaker and I found her session to be highly valuable. She is an expert in people and business and she shared numerous helpful tips on how to take your business to the next level while remaining true to your values." TODN member

      "Excellent webinar presentation today by Linda Hoopes. Very useful and professional." Peter Lawton  

      Upcoming events

        • 15 Apr 2020
        • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
        • 32

        Date: Wednesday April 15, 2020
        Fee: Guests $25 (CAD) Early Bird through April 8, $35 thereafter (CAD)
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        Advertiser’s Secrets to Compelling Change Videos

        With short attention spans and the need to "break through the clutter," how can your organizational videos leave your audience remembering your message? Try looking to a field that does this well: advertising. If commercials can get people to purchase items they don't need, how can you use these marketing secrets to influence employees (and do this without them feeling manipulated)?

        In this interactive, game-based session, you’ll learn what makes some ads so compelling they persuade you to buy. You’ll explore the strategic framework to use when creating a video strategy as well as the essential design considerations. Learn to:

        • Explain the video “hooks” to make the content in your learning video memorable.
        • Apply the four characteristics of effectively using visuals to design or evaluate videos.
        • Distinguish when learning videos should and shouldn’t be used.

        The interactive session helps OD professionals re-think how to create effective change videos that actually evoke the intended emotion and action by using specific advertiser's techniques.


        Speaker: Danielle Wallace

        Danielle Wallace is the chief learning strategist at Beyond the Sky, a provider of custom learning solutions. Previously, as a marketing executive with Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo, she learned strategic marketing principles which she now applies to learning and development to create compelling breakthrough solutions. Danielle is a sought after speaker at global conferences and her thought leadership is found in numerous industry magazines and publications. Her monthly free infographics and tips can be found at [].

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      Refund Policy for Events

      In order to create a positive environment for our participants, we work with our venue and catering partners in advance of our TODN events, to plan for anticipated numbers. If you are unable to attend an event that you have paid for (i.e. non-members), we do appreciate a minimum of 48 hour’s notice, and will extend you a “credit” to our next event”. We also appreciate that “life happens” and understand that there may be exceptions that require you to miss at the last minute. If this is the case, please contact us and we will work with you to determine credit.

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