Networking for Introverts

30 Jan 2019 7:00 PM | Anonymous

On January 30th we had a virtual session “Networking for Introverts” hosted by Bobby Umar, a recognized thought leader in networking, social media and personal branding. It was an inspiring and insightful presentation, full of practical tips that resonated not only with introverts, ambiverts, but with extroverts, too.

For many people, namely introverts, networking seems like a daunting task that seems necessary rather than fun or purposeful. Once demystified – once you dissect all the steps and integrate the practical advice on having the right mindset, what questions to ask and how to successfully follow-up – Bobby helped us realize that networking does not have to be difficult or 'painful'. He asked us a key question that reframed our idea of success in networking and asked "Did you know that the biggest barriers to your success is the lack of a plan, poor tactics/strategy and having a fixed mindset? Henry Ford's quote “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are right”, encapsulates Bobby's message that it is all about mindset.

Bobby encouraged all of us to "Go beyond networking... First, learn how to network, then build a solid reputation to expand your network strategically.  He prompted us to consider how we can build a solid reputation by becoming Thought Leaders and "create content, own the conversation and master public speaking – as you build your Thought Leadership, opportunities will come.”
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