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Winter Social & The Wellness Mentor Conundrum

16 Nov 2018 2:40 PM | Jami Monte (Administrator)

This year’s winter conference was met with our first bout of winter weather and we were happy to see that many members made it out!  Dina Barazza, Certified Mentor Practitioner & Leadership Expert, facilitated a session on The Wellness Mentor Conundrum.  There was a mix of of speaking, group work and individual work (including some sketching!) keeping everyone engaged and excited.  

Dina’s passion for mentorship really shone through.  She touched on common desires that we have as humans - learning, inspiring others and being inspired ourselves (in both personal lives and work lives) – and how they are often fulfilled via the mentorship process.  Mentorship is not only beneficial to the mentee and the mentor, but it can be beneficial within the organization as an attraction and retention tool.

When asked to discuss what mentorship and coaching look like to the group members, specifically the differences between the two relationships, many guests had conflicting ideas and Dina helped to clarify key differences.  We learned that mentorship is a short-term commitment; one can have multiple mentors for different areas of their life.  Both mentors and coaches are used for self development, but the interactions play out differently – a coach “pushes” the person being coached whereas a mentor “pulls” the mentee.  Some were surprised to realize that a manager-employee relationship is not a mentoring relationship, a manager is in fact a performance coach!

On the wellness side of things, some group brainstorming happened around wellness practices.  Dina shared with us one of her tips of drilling down our to-do lists to 3 items a day, this idea was a hit with many members!  Resilience was also a hot topic, we were encouraged to use the “3 C’s” for our own resilience building: Challenge, Commitment and Control.

Click here for the slides from the session.

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