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Wise Crowd Consulting & Winter Social

20 Nov 2017 4:37 PM | Aminata N'Doye (Administrator)

What better way to end the year than with our last event on the 2017 TODN calendar: Winter Social & Wise Crowd Consulting.

The social presented a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and hear about the interesting work they are doing in OD. It was also a chance to meet and welcome new faces into our community. The Intentional Networking segment was an awesome way for participants to “crowdsource” help for whatever they needed assistance with, whether it was an issue, challenge or interest.

For Wise Crowd, leaders from various sectors shared their perspectives, challenges, and opportunities regarding innovation. The leader presented their innovation challenge to a smaller group and received different ideas and perspectives from our community members on solving it. What was particularly fun was hearing different thoughts on the issue and building on each other’s ideas. For the leaders, turning their chair around while the group shared advice provided them with the ability to better hear and reflect on the ideas shared.

A few quotes from the evening:

“Loved it, along with being able to riff off of people. We presented different perspectives and had the opportunity to capitalize on them.”

“Amazed the comments weren’t specific to OD – it showed a real breadth of experience.”

“People with a lot of experience just let it fly!”

“It was a privilege to be part of the problem solving and to chat among colleagues – it was a two way dialogue.”

“[To the leaders] bringing your stories means being vulnerable to outsiders. It really was an act of courage to bear your soul.” Many thanks to our leaders for participating so openly in this consulting process.

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