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ROWE: Results-Only Work Environment

19 Sep 2016 5:06 PM | Anonymous

Our speaker for our September event, Pam Ross, describes herself as a culture catalyst on a mission to reinvent work so that people and organizations can meet their potential.  She believes that the work world has changed due to technology, globalization, remote work and economic pressures making traditional ways of working obsolete.

Pam offered the Results-Only Work Environment™ (ROWE™) as a remedy.  ROWE challenges traditional organizational bureaucracy and management principles, replacing them with the premise that each person to be 100% accountable and 100% autonomous.  It challenges the assumptions and practices associated with the traditional work environment, for example: “Work isn’t a place you go, it’s something you do.”

Pam led us through a lively and interactive discussion of the 13 guideposts of ROWE.  She left us with the challenge of listening to our own language for judgements that both support and promote a work environment that continues to measure accomplishment, productivity and worth based on time versus accomplishment.

Interested in learning more?  More information and Pam’s contact information can be found in the attachment.

Pam Ross Presentation.pdf

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