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Learning and Performance through Facilitated Peer Coaching: Phil LeNir

01 Apr 2015 4:58 PM | Glennie Mercer

Thanks to Phil LeNir, who presented an engaging and practical model to our TODN community on Peer Coaching. 

The framework provides participants concrete theories and models created by leading thought experts, and then guides them through small group dialogues using key questions to engage thinking, reflection, and inquiry related to the content. It's an opportunity for participants to coach one another, as they share their knowledge, expertise and perspectives related to the topics presented.

Participants were extremely engaged in the practice demo, and comments included:

"awesome"; "loved the opportunity to go deeper with colleagues"; "I'll be able to incorporate this in my own peer coaching groups"; "the peer coaching experience worked really well";  "the quality of the discussion, regardless of the outcomes, is extremely valuable"; "need to remember to ask questions rather than give advice".

A terrific evening was enjoyed by all, and we thank Phil for an interesting, useful and energizing presentation. It was a great experience and Phil's presentation can be accessed below. 



  • 02 Apr 2015 10:35 AM | Lisa Latorcai
    Thank you to the association for a great evening with Phil LeNir. He was very insightful and offered us value around the breadth of using Peer Coaching in general AND the depth using his proven system to get results! Huge learning value!
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