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Drumming Up Resilience

11 Dec 2014 3:30 PM | Christine Burych

To close our Fall theme of “Resilience”, we had the pleasure of partaking in a drumming experience facilitated by Terri Segal of Rhythmic by Nature.

Sitting in a large drumming circle we eagerly awaited the opportunity to begin drumming, shaking and making our cacophonic sounds that would soon become melodious.  Many of us had never drummed before yet within minutes, Terri got us working together within rhythm.

Terri split the group into 3 parts, each part playing a different rhythmic pattern that when combined, created a group rhythm greater than the sum of its parts.  So, in order for the full rhythm to be successful, each player really needs to take responsibility for his or her part and work together (sounds a lot like a high performing team). 
 After we played and grooved with the 3 part rhythm (which sounded fantastic!), we spent some time debriefing the experience.

Words used to describe the experience ranged from joyous, bliss, freedom, liberating and being as one.  One participant shared that the way she dealt with the challenge of being asked to stay with the same rhythm was by experimenting with hand positioning which resulted in creating different sounds while still maintaining the same rhythm. By finding simple ways to change the rhythm allowed her to experience more freedom and enjoyment while still contributing to the success of the overall rhythm.

Through drumming we had the opportunity to feel out of sync, stuck, overwhelmed, fear of being judged and making mistakes. The need to control lead to the experience of surrender which gave way to just being.   A true sense of being lost in the moment of total connectedness. And as Terri reminds us “just like we do in the drumming process, in our own lives we can: -simplify, less is sometimes more -cultivate resilience -ask for support & support others -experiment  -suspend self-judgment -know that making mistakes is all part of the learning experience -take risks and try something new -listen and trust ourselves -find our own unique voice.”

If you would like to contact Terri you can reach her at or

All that drumming and fun lead us right into dinner for our Winter Social.  Dinner was fantastic- for those of you who couldn’t make it; we drank and ate enough for everyone. 

Looking forward to seeing you all in February.

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