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Mental Health in the Workplace, with Christine Burych

30 Oct 2014 6:42 PM | Deleted user

Last week we were thrilled to have Christine Burych of Starlingbrook Leadership Consulting bring her expertise, humour and wisdom to the TODN community. Looking across the room, I was once again impressed by the wealth of experience, and the diversity of organizations present. Clearly, mental health in the workplace is an issue that spans every work environment.

Opening with some shocking and persuasive research, the case for having mental health strategies in the workplace was quickly made clear. One participant put it well in saying "The hidden costs and wasted human potential are extraordinary today...The ROI on an effective organizational mental health program is a strategic advantage".  Case in point, Christine gracefully challenged us to see the mental models that have created stigmatizing thoughts and beliefs in all of us, and offered some excellent tools for facilitating important conversations about mental health in the workplace. "Clearly an expert, Christine brings mental health into the conversation in a way that we can all work with in our professional communities" suggested one participant. Christine moved us through the continuum, from identification of risk factors that contribute to mental health issues in the workplace, warning signs of the most common workplace mental health issues, and opportunities to integrate specific strategies such as into existing Organizational Development initiatives (e.g., appreciative inquiry, change management, and emotional intelligence initiatives).

"Dynamic, knowledgeable, and very engaging", Christine set us on the right path for incorporating mental health strategies within our organizations, even offering a number of resources to continue the learning (listed below).

If you're interested in exploring the concepts in more depth, you can contact Christine Burych through

Some helpful resources from Christine include:
Thanks for coming, and we look forward to seeing you at our Winter Social in November!
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