Catalyzing Connections Through Learning Together

May 8th Event: New Mental Models for Working with Teams and Organizations

13 May 2014 1:37 PM | Glennie Mercer

Thanks to Mark Federman (Academic Vice-President, and Dean of the Faculty of Leadership and Organization at the Adler Graduate Professional School in Toronto) for his presentation at our TODN event on May 8th. Mark shared his theory, a new mental model, for working with and thinking about organizations.

His theory was based on the idea that the purpose  of an organization is to bring PEOPLE  together and from their relationships and connections their directions, goals and actions  will emerge.

Mark’s theory identifies 5 types of relationship Valences or capacity to bond, interact and react: Economic, Affective, Identity, Knowledge, Economic. Each relationship needs to be assessed and can be a focus of organizational interventions.

Other key concepts:

BAH (buearcratic, administrative, hierarchical) which is a form that is transactional or fungible

ba (a state of common understanding/ knowledge/values, in which the self disappears and people just know what to do), in which shared expectations enable an imagine future.

Asking what are the “effects” you want to have versus what are the “outcomes.” And, whom/how do you want touch people today versus “what is your vision?”

Our members used the theory in small groups to explore with a new lens an Organizational issue that they were having.

A link to his slides

For more details about Mark’s theory, you can contact him 

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