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Agile Change Management

31 Mar 2014 9:07 PM | Glennie Mercer
Thanks to Jason Little (of Leanintuit and Leandog) for presenting to our TODN audience on March 27th. Jason shared his experiences and knowledge of Agile Change Management with us, including his slides

Many found the information useful, with plans to integrate relevant ideas and tools immediately. Those newer to Agile were intrigued by the concepts, and also began to see possibilities for integrating the methods and tools into their current change processes. "Stand up meetings", "culture hacking", and "lean coffee" were just some of the ideas shared and discussed. 

The four key values of Agile including: 
- Visibility; 
- Feedback driven planning; 
- Co-creation of change; and 
- Acceptance of uncertainty and complexity 
were shared, and certainly resonated with the philosophies of many of our membership. Jason also shared some of his favourite resources and references (;; work by Dave Snowden; timeboxing) each of which provides more options for us to engage in further exploration. 

Let the change, and the learning continue! 

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